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We all face a very common and unavoidable obstacle in our business: competitors! If you have a local business, you should know the law of the jungle with these businesses: If you don’t eat, your competitor will eat you! Only the strongest companies can survive. How to become the strongest company? Boosting your local SEO is a unique way to make every business successful!

How does Local SEO become your website’s success factor? What is local SEO and what does it do? What advantages does local SEO give you that is so important? If you want to take a step towards the success of your site, read this article now.

How does local SEO help you succeed?

If you haven’t taken any steps to improve your local SEO, start now. why?

People find you and become your customers.

Many people, when they need a product or service, search the internet to find the nearest provider. For example, many people search the internet to find nearby restaurants, nearby mechanics, nearby cell phone repair shops, etc. Now, what happens if the local SEO on your site is not boosted? Instead of tagging you, the user will find and tag your competitor.

You will have fewer competitors

If you don’t improve your local SEO, users of your website who are not your target audience will see it and not convert. How Let’s take an example: Can you imagine you have a restaurant in the Abbasabad district of Isfahan? If a user searches for the term “restaurant” on the Internet, they will be shown thousands of different results. There will be so many results that your site will get lost in an ocean of different results! This is a disaster for someone who underestimates the importance of local SEO!

Now, what if the keyword for your website is “Isfahan Abbasabad restaurants”? In this case, your competitors will be less and users will find your site easily.

It increases your sales

What is the benefit to you if a person who lives in Tehran knows your restaurant in the Abbasabad neighborhood of Isfahan?! This user will never become a customer. What visitors convert into customers? Visitors who live in your city and neighborhood can use your services. Local SEO achieves exactly this goal. When you target the local community with local SEO, many visitors will be converted into customers and your sales will increase.

Attracts public confidence

Strengthening your local SEO will increase your website ranking. Users trust sites with higher ratings more. When your site is shown among the first results of G, users will view you as a professional and reliable business. When your site’s local SEO is strong, it will become one of Google’s top search results.

How do we improve the local SEO of your site? 3 unique modes

What is local SEO? A collection of strategies that will make local customers find you! Ani IT Gostar’s specialty is implementing these strategies on your site. We have many professional strategies for boosting your local SEO that cannot be covered in this article. But for example, we will explain some of these strategies to you. Call 09902934080 to tell you exactly what strategies we will have to strengthen your local SEO.

We will register your site in GMB

One of the most important local SEO strategies is to register your site with GMB or the Google My Business service. To evaluate sites, Google turns to sites registered in this service. This means that he gives these sites a higher score! Registering a site with GMB has some issues, but you don’t have to worry about that. Our specialists at Any IT Gostar will do it for you.

We build professional and relevant links

Professional link building has a huge impact on your site’s ranking in Google. Of course, these links must be linked to your business site. That is, to strengthen your local SEO, you must link your site to sites located nearby. For example, if your business sells car accessories, link your site to a car showroom site in your city. This way, people who visit your car showroom website to buy a car will also learn about your location. As a result, they come to you when they need to buy accessories for their cars.

But what if the auto show site itself doesn’t get many visitors? In this case, no one will recognize your site in this way. The key to boosting your local SEO is to build links on sites that are strong and have lots of visitors.

We collect customer feedback for you

Imagine that by boosting your local SEO, visitors from your city and neighborhood land on your site. What makes these visitors become customers? Positive comments from users! A person who is looking for good restaurants in Isfahan reads other people’s reviews to see if the food in this restaurant is good or not. We collect these positive reviews for you so that visitors are attracted to your services by seeing them.


Many sites are improving their SEO but complain that they still don’t get many customers. Do you know why? Because boosting your SEO is not enough without strengthening your local SEO! Must have strong and optimized local SEO. Otherwise, people who live in other cities or neighborhoods will see your site and cannot become your clients. We know how to boost your local SEO so people will find you and convert into customers.

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