How to get backlinks from Google (15 Easy Google Backlinks)

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In this article, you will learn how to get backlinks from Google. In particular, you will get a step-by-step guide on getting Google backlinks to your website from Google-owned properties. Some of these links are dofollow backlinks while others are nofollow links.

However, many SEO experts consider any inbound links that you can get from Google to be high-quality backlinks that can help your website rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). By the end of this page, you will know the best ways to include Google in your link-building strategy so you can choose the best technology for your website or client site.

Get backlinks from Google

It must be said that a Google backlink is a backlink from a website owned by Google. Inbound links from Google are inbound links to a website or some other web resource from features such as Google Sites, My Business Profile, Google News, YouTube, Docs, and Sheets that are crawled and indexed on search engine results pages.

Google backlinks are a useful SEO asset because these websites naturally rank highly. High PR backlinks can help your site rank higher in SERPS because some of your page rank value is transferred to your domain (or webpage) through the link that the Google algorithm considers during the indexing and ranking process.

How to get backlinks from google

1. Get backlinks from Google sites

The first way to get backlinks from Google is to create Google Sites. Google Sites is a free website builder from Google that you can use to create websites for your business or personal interests. You can also grant access to other colleagues who have Google Accounts.

As with any website, you can add links to Google site pages that become backlinks to the respective site. What’s also great about Google Sites is that they’re compatible with other Google features like Calendar, Docs, Sheets, YouTube, etc., which you can easily embed on your site to generate backlinks for those features as well.

2. Use Blogger for inbound links

Another strategy on how to get backlinks from Google is to use blogger to generate links. Blogger is Google’s free Content Management System (CMS) for users who want to start a personal or business blog for blogging. You can create, write and post content on any topic you want and add dofollow links to your website and other Google properties.

(Note: For more ideas on this topic, check out this other guide on how to get dofollow links for SEO.)

3. Create a Google Calendar

Google Calendar is another useful service that you can use to improve your off-page SEO by building links. While its primary purpose is to schedule meetings and events, Google Calendar has a functionality that allows you to insert links into calendar events. Follow these steps to use the Calendar app to get backlinks from Google:

  •     Create a new Google Calendar.
  •     Set a new calendar event.

Add a description of the event and use the text field to insert a link to your website or another web resource. This link can be a URL link or a backlink.

Make your calendar public by changing its settings for events.

4. Get links from Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform allows you to build and run websites and apps using the same infrastructure as Google. And you can use the power of this platform to generate backlinks to your website and other important web resources.

After joining Google Cloud, you just need to create a new project, then create a new group. Inside the dollar, you can upload HTML files that contain backlinks to any site feature you want. However, these links will not be crawled or indexed unless you follow another step. Edit the container’s permissions, then click Add member. Then type all users in the search bar and select the all users option. This opens the container to be publicly available for crawling and indexing purposes.

5. Add backlinks in Google Docs

Google Docs is a free online word processor that allows you to create and edit text documents in your web browser. It is also the main source for building backlinks from Google. All you have to do is create a new record and add your links. However, including a bunch of backlinks is not the best SEO strategy. Instead, treat this Google Doc as a real web page that you want to rank in the SERPs.

Optimize your document for on-page SEO like any standard web page and insert your backlinks in a natural, spam-free way. Then, edit the Google Doc’s permissions so that anyone with the link can view it and publish the document to the web so it can be indexed in SERPs.

Click Subscribe > Get Link.

In the “Get links” section, click “Change who links to” to make the document crawlable and indexable in Google’s SERPs.

From the File menu, choose to Publish to the Web, or depending on the Google asset you’re creating, go to Share > Publish to the Web. For an example, see the image below.

6. Set the Google Earth pin

According to local SEO marketing experts, you can also get backlinks on Google Earth with bookmarks. In a placemark, you can format text, add images or videos, and insert web links. After creating a new local business placemark, you can type the web address in the description, which will automatically appear as an active backlink, or highlight the text you want to appear as a text backlink and enter the web address for the incoming link.

7. Create a Google Form with links

Google Forms are a great way to poll your website audience and get feedback to grow your business. Forms are also useful for building backlinks from Google. However, a link can only be added to the description section of a Google Form and can only contain an empty URL text.

To insert a hyperlink, go to the description field at the top of the form and type your website URL, or add a new “Title and Description” section to the form layout by clicking the double “TT” icon and entering the URL. . Section Description Area After creating your form, you will need to make it public so that you do not need to sign in with a Google account. to do this. Follow the next steps:

  •     On the form setup page, click the Settings tab.
  •     Click the “Responses” dropdown icon to open it.
  •     Uncheck the “Restrict to one reply” option in the “Require sign-in” section.

8. Get indexed in Google Images

You can create quick and easy Google backlinks by simply uploading images to your website. Google’s crawler finds and indexes your images so that they appear in Google Image Search. However, the best SEO strategy is to optimize three key areas to help your images rank in image searches for your target keywords:

  •     Download the SEO keyword research paper
  •     ALT text: Enter the keyword in a natural, accurate, and legible manner.
  •     Filename: Mark the image file as your exact match keyword.
  •     Metadata: From Photoshop or some other photo editing software to add metadata enhanced with the keywords that come with it
  •     The image is saved while loading, use it.

Summary of getting backlinks from google

I hope you enjoyed this guide on how to get backlinks from Google. As you can see, there are several ways to get backlinks from Google. Additionally, to take full advantage of these SEO and link building platforms, you don’t need to just build inbound links to your website. It’s also a good idea to add links to your other Google properties to help improve those sites’ backlinks as well.

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