What is white hat SEO and what are its methods?

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When working on optimizing websites for search engines, professionals use two different approaches. These methods include: white hat and black hat search engine optimization. The use of white hat tactics is consistent with the recommendations of search engine developers for website promotion. Black hat tactics rely on tricks that have short-term benefits and quickly improve search engine results. Of course, it has negative consequences for the site in the long run. Search engine algorithms are set to follow certain rules. Follow along with us to examine this SEO method and its benefits.

What are the common SEO techniques and what are the differences between them?

White Hat SEO

This type of SEO is an official and safe way to improve rankings by following Google Webmaster Rules and Guidelines. White hat SEO provides users with a comfortable search experience by promoting a site’s ranking with natural keywords.

black hat seo

The opposite of white hat is black hat SEO, which tries to improve the site by not following the rules. The difference between white hat tactics and black hat SEO is their principle. Google’s Webmaster Guidelines are mostly violated in this way. This type of SEO is a quick and attractive way to improve your site’s ranking.

Gray Hat Seo

This method is between white hat and black hat SEO. This method is not as traditional as white hat SEO due to the use of opportunistic tricks. On the other hand, like the black hat method, it does not directly break the rules.

What are common tactics for White Hat SEO?

Provide high quality content and update websites and articles regularly

Google search engine was created to solve the problems of users. When writing useful content, pay attention to whether the type and paragraph spacing is easy to read. Use charts for explanations from time to time. This way, users will stay on the site longer and interact. A website or article does not end when it is created. The site should be updated regularly so that Google will recognize it as a quality website and increase its ranking.

Technical level of search engine optimization

There are many technical aspects of SEO. These aspects mainly include identifying keywords in the title and writing web pages. You should use shorter URLs when writing your description text. Also set the ALT tags for the image and write a description for the image. In addition to the mentioned, some techniques also come to help you with white hat search engine optimization. These techniques include: installing SSL certificates, changing http to https, removing unnecessary plug-ins and code on the website, improving website loading speed, and so on. Of course, the use of these technologies is related to the field of computer engineers.


Backlinks are hyperlinks from other websites to your website referring your website. The higher the authority of the referring domain, the higher the ranking of your website.

Use the right keywords

You can use some keyword analysis tools. Among the search volume checking tools for each keyword, we can mention Google Trends and Ahrefs. With the help of these tools, the ranking of pages can be improved.

Reduce page load time design and build responsive web pages with the help of services.

According to research, when you change the page load time from 1 second to 3 seconds, the bounce rate increases by 32%. As a result, reducing page load time is important. You can adjust images and convert videos to a small file to solve this problem. These elements have a beneficial effect on the speed of loading a web page. You should also provide responsive web design for different devices. By adding this option, users of computers, mobile phones, tablets and other devices can get the best visual experience.

What does white hat SEO do?

Rather than bypassing search engine algorithms, these SEOs use tactics aimed at creating a positive experience for the reader. Some white hat SEO techniques include:

  •     Create unique, relevant and useful content
  •     Research, analyze and use accurate keywords
  •     Use metadata
  •     Website optimization for all devices
  •     Create landing pages to reach your audience
  •     High quality backlinks
  •     Image optimization
  •     Republish website content on social networks
  •     Availability of the site by search engines
  •     Short URLs containing some keywords
  •     Easy navigation for users

White hat SEO or ethical SEO is a long term investment in a website. Although the ranking may take longer, the site’s results and reputation will be more stable.

Why should we use white hat SEO instead of other SEO methods?

Among the benefits of White hat SEO are the following:

  •     Improve site ranking in the long term
  •     Protecting business reputation
  •     The stability of the results
  •     No fear of any filters, penalties and search algorithm upgrades
  •     Stable and long-lasting result
  •     Officially authorized
  •     There is no risk of sanctions from Yandex and Google
  •     Increase conversion and presence in the resource
  •     Promotion and selection of target audience for any business and topic
  •     Steady flow of visitors, with no increase in cost


The philosophy of white hat SEO sites is to build the resources people need. You can have a positive strategy with a long-term goal with the help of Ani IT and invest in the quality of the site. Any information technology helps a lot of companies by using this effective, safe and reliable method.

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