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Trying to rank in Google can be frustrating and incomprehensible at times. Despite the myriad number of sites and the vast amount of information on the web, how does Google rank? Here is a discussion of Google ranking systems. This algorithm is designed to sort through billions of web pages and find the most useful results in the shortest time. Therefore, ranking higher on search pages means that you are the most relevant and authoritative result in the eyes of Google. Today, we know many factors that affect a site’s ranking in Google. In the following, we will examine how the Google algorithm works and its other features.

How do search algorithms work?

Google does not directly identify the determinants of its search algorithms. However, a good SEO finds the most important factors through research, experience, and testing. However, some of them are still unknown. Because some of the ranking factors are generated and modified by Google’s AI algorithms. But don’t worry, there are still some steps you can take to improve your Google ranking. Most SEO experts agree that the following are the most important factors for Google’s search ranking algorithms:

  •     Safe and accessible site
  •     Mobile compatibility
  •     Page speed
  •     Content quality
  •     Technical seo
  •     user experience
  •     High quality backlinks
  •     Social and local signals
  •     Valid URL

After searching all web pages, Google builds an index and web crawlers scan the page. The website that ranks first gets the best score considering all factors.

Are Google’s ranking algorithms changing?

Over the years, these algorithms have evolved and new factors have been constantly added to them. In fact, Google has publicly stated that its algorithm is updated multiple times each day. Overall, these are minor changes that improve search results for Google rankings. But how often are these changes applied? As mentioned, small changes happen daily. Also, often every 3-6 months, Google releases a major update. These changes drastically change the ranking of the site in Google. Major updates also last longer. Sometimes after an update, some lose their ranks. Of course, this extreme drop does not affect well-maintained websites.

How do you improve your site’s ranking in Google?

In order to rank better in Google, consider the following strategies:

Improve your site’s search engine optimization

On-page SEO is one of the fastest ways to improve your site’s ranking in Google. You can optimize your page in 2 minutes and see your ranking increase in several days. To rank for your SEO, you can optimize page elements such as titles, page titles, and images.

Add LSI keywords to your website pages

This is an advanced on-page SEO tactic. LSI stands for words related to the topic of your page. Search engines like Google use these words to better understand the content of a page. Although they are not completely synonymous with master keywords, they are closely related.

Don’t neglect technical SEO

Technical SEO issues can really hurt your site’s SEO. Technical SEO means making sure that your website is designed in a way that search engines can easily navigate and index it. For example, you should ensure the following:

  •     All pages are secure
  •     The site is mobile optimized and compatible
  •     You do not have any stolen content on your pages
  •     Pages load quickly
  •     All links are working

Adapt your content for search intent

Search intent is a new term in Google site ranking and the world of search engine optimization (SEO). Now Google can understand if your site is suitable for a particular keyword or not. In other words, Google pays attention to how people interact with your website. If people find what they’re looking for on your page, you can expect your website’s ranking to improve.

Reduce your site’s bounce rate

The next step to get your first Google ranking and increase your ranking is to improve your site’s bounce rate. Aligning content with search intent is a great way to improve bounce rates and Google rankings. When people quickly leave the site, it is a sign that they are not satisfied with your site. As a result, Google lowers your ranking. Other good ranking strategies include:

  •     Find more keywords
  •     Provide high quality content
  •     Create backlinks
  •     Track and monitor your results


Over the years, SEO experts have come up with many tactics to improve website rankings. In this article, we reviewed how the site ranks in Google and the most important factors that it sees. As you can see, many of these factors are interrelated. So by working on one aspect of SEO, you can improve the other elements as well. If you don’t know where to start, we recommend looking at your own content.

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