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As a webmaster, you know that as essential to your success as legal principles of SEO or white SEO are. But when you read a list of practical actions in this field, you will come across prioritization in the sense that ways to improve the site are categorized based on the greatest impact in the shortest time. Link building and backlinks are one of the things that will help you a lot and help you improve your site ranking faster.

What does link building mean?

When you enter a site, you see that there are different contents on different pages. Linking allows you to send signals from one page to another through pagination. It is also possible to get from one site to another through link building. The signs that are exchanged between links are the most important factor in increasing the ranking of the site. Google receives these signals and starts recording.

Link building methods

Dear webmasters, it is necessary to know which link-building methods are made and which ones are valid:

1- Manual link building

As the name of this method suggests, you can create links manually. But this method is considered a violation by Google, and as a result, you will be blacklisted.

2- Building the natural link

Google controls the natural way of building links, so it is legal even though it is time-consuming. You will exchange links with other websites. This link exchange is registered with Google through signals.

Link building rules

  • 1- Keep in mind that all link-building matters must be done according to Google’s rules.
  • 2- Be sure to pay attention to the quality of the site’s contents, link the site to the subject of your work, and arrange it when linking between sites.
  • 3- In linking content to other pages or sites, the word that we click on to enter another link is colored. Note that the chosen word must be consistent with the article’s content to be linked.

What is a backlink?

In the link-building process, links are divided into two categories. A group of links is responsible for entering and going to other sites, and another group is designed to navigate between the pages of the site. The connection between one website link and another is called a backlink. The more legitimate backlinks you can generate, the higher your chances of getting ranked first on a Google page.

If you ask your SEO for optimization and SEO of your site, they will definitely suggest buying backlinks to improve your site ranking. But you should know what is the necessity of this purchase.

When Google scans links, it will evaluate the words surrounding each link. As a result, if you search for the word link in Google, the site’s ranking will increase. Because a backlink does not only affect one word, but as you have noticed, a backlink will also affect the words around it.

Link juice

A very important point in link building and backlinking is the communication between sites that exchange links with each other. The sites you choose must be of high quality and rating, and on the other hand, they must have content related to your site.

The reason this topic is so important is the effect linking sites and link-receiving sites have on each other. This effect is called backlink extraction. In general, what will determine your success with backlinks is how well you exploit backlink extraction.

The impact of extracting backlinks on the site

It is true that links and backlinks are known as the most effective ways to improve websites, but it is necessary to pay attention to the following points for link building and backlinks:

  •     The number of incoming backlinks should not be excessive.
  •     Backlinks must be of high quality and credibility.
  •     Be careful in choosing the type of expressions to link.
  •     How many other sites do the related site link to?

Factors affecting backlinks on the site

Dear webmasters, please note that if a linking site is excellent in all respects, the only factor to check in the end is the number of links it provides to other sites. In general, three situations occur in backlinks that will affect your site’s SEO:

  •     If the linked site receives a large number of links and the linked site does not receive any links, the rank of the linked site will increase.
  •     But both sites may be equally involved in splicing. In this case, the quality of the links received will determine the rank of their site. At this time, you should be more careful in choosing the provider’s location.
  •     The third situation is that both sites share the link, but one of the sites receives more links. One might think this site ranks higher, but it is completely wrong. This is when the backlink snippet shows its importance. The reason for the low ranking of this site is that the sites that link to it exchange links with other sites. As a result, this site receives less backlink extraction.

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