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In general, online stores help businesses to attract more customers. In other words, the design of the store’s website has a significant impact on increasing sales. On the other hand, designing this type of website requires knowledge of many points and rules. A successful store website must have the required features.

Purpose of store website design

In fact, shopping websites help customers to choose the products they want easily and order them with confidence. The main purpose of designing an online store is to provide a catalog and product images to help customers while shopping. Also, successful sites are often optimized for high-income. Therefore, when designing an online store website, it is better to use modern technologies to increase sales. On the other hand, the overall goal of building these types of websites is to better position your business in the marketplace, increase customers, gain brand recognition and increase sales.

Basic tips for building store websites

1- Choosing the correct name and address for the site: One of the main points when creating an online store is to choose the correct address. In this case, it is best to use an appropriate name for your business.

2- Powerful website design: The website is designed using management systems such as WordPress, PrestaShop, etc. Each of these types of systems has unique features and offers different facilities. Also, when designing a website for a store, it is best to consider things like store security, how to develop, update, and so on. On the other hand, for regular and small businesses, you can use the WordPress admin system exclusively.

3- Using attractive graphic appearance: Another of these tips is choosing an attractive graphic appearance for the site. In other words, it is best to use colors and images related to the type of service you provide to attract the attention of the customer.

4- Adding a secure payment method: A convenient and secure payment method is actually another thing that increases customer confidence. Also, when designing an online store, you can satisfy customers by adding various payment methods such as online portals, offline payments, etc. On the other hand, the two-step checkout page is often designed for customers.

Coding for store website design

As mentioned, an online store is built using different security systems or special encryption methods. Then, in order to design a website, you must carefully examine your business characteristics. The method of coding, optimization, and design of the online store must be compatible with the latest technology in the world and follow the standards of search engine optimization (SEO). On the other hand, to create a powerful and professional website, you don’t need to write specific code from scratch. In other words, the performance and quality of service of the site make it stronger. Also, if you are using security systems like WordPress to design your store site, the site codes should be well-optimized. So, by complying with SEO standards and coding and optimizing your site, you can also increase your ranking in Google search engines.

Compliance with security requirements for construction shop sites

1- Using the electronic code: Due to the increasing fraud in the field of shopping from electronic stores, the use of the electronic code is necessary for store websites. The electronic code is actually a kind of digital code for the Ministry related to electronic stores, and it also has specific principles. Having an electronic code will help you gain customer trust.

2- Obtaining an SSL certificate: Obtaining an SSL certificate when designing an online store website actually increases the security of the site for customers. Also, this causes Google to establish a better connection to the desired site.

Important pages on store websites

1- The first and main page of the site: The first page is in fact the home page of the site or the main page that displays the services of the site. In other words, important products and key site information should be placed on this page. Also, sometimes adding engaging slides and related content helps increase customer attention.

2- About us page: This page is one of the most important pages that are placed on the site because it provides complete information to customers. The information on this page increases customer confidence in the site’s services. Therefore, when designing a website for a store, you should consider a separate page for general information about services and products.

3- The site’s products page: customers actually add it to the shopping cart by referring to many pages and searching for the desired product. Therefore, you should consider a separate page for each product with descriptions and use appropriate images. Also, information about each product, including specifications, features, and price, should be up-to-date.

4- Support page: There is another page placed after designing the online store, which is the support page. Having this page on the site helps customers to purchase their products with full-time support.

The last word

As a result, designing a store website is a good option to attract customers and increase sales. It is done with basic tips and helps you to develop your business well. On the other hand, with security systems and dedicated programmers, you can boost your site’s SEO and increase traffic significantly.

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