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It is not difficult to find people who dream of making money on the Internet. Having a good sales website shows how professional the brand is. Remember that many users will come to your business through search engines like Google, without knowing your reputation. But how do we build a sales website that attracts the audience? For a customer to feel secure about their purchase when they enter your site, the site must contain correct and complete information.
How can I create a free website on Google?

Below we have made a list of platforms that can help you create a free online store website. Explore the differences offered by each e-commerce platform or website builder and choose the best option to increase your online sales.

  1. Wix

Knowing how to create a sales website with Wix is ​​very simple. After creating your account, you can create your own page by choosing a ready-made professional template and after fully customizing it. From the basic plan offered by Wix, you can register unlimited products, use shopping cart retrieval tools, and post your products for sale on social networks.
2 .Shopify

We couldn’t resist including Shopify on our list. With this platform, you have the opportunity to build a sales website in a really practical way and start selling your product after 14 days. The company does not require any credit card from you to set up a website and is still one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world. So you can easily create a free Shopify ecommerce website.

  1. WordPress

WordPress is the most popular website building platform in the world, including creating a sales website. It should be noted that there are two versions of the platform: and The former is a service that offers website hosting for free, while the latter is a premium version with a wide range of features. One of the main advantages of WordPress is that it can be used to build any type of website, such as an online store, a company website, landing pages, and more. WordPress also allows you to use it with free plugins to extend the functionality of your website. There are also thousands of high-quality templates that you can use to create a Google Store website.

What platform should we use to build a sales website?

To create a sales site, you have to choose which platform you want to use. When choosing, keep in mind that you need to customize your pages and constantly analyze your e-commerce data. WordPress is usually the most widely used and versatile website building platform out there. This platform can be used for both blogs and ad sites and for online store. Next, the main choice is which ecommerce plugin you should use. The main options in this case are WooCommerce, Prestashop, and Magento. Because each of them has its strengths and weaknesses.

WooCommerce Books Online

There are many reasons to choose WooCommerce, which explains the platform’s success with over 1 million installs to date. The main reason is that WooCommerce is built with WordPress, which makes it perfect for this content management platform. This plugin provides security features to protect your data and the data of your customers, including during transactions.

Reason to use Prestashop store builder

Prestashop has become a popular e-commerce platform for online stores. E-commerce accounts for a larger percentage of retail sales worldwide each year. PrestaShop is usually not the first choice when considering starting an e-commerce business. But that does not mean that you should ignore this platform. That’s because PrestaShop has one of the best product editing interfaces we’ve ever seen on the market. You can customize the look of PrestaShop using modules and themes. So for small and large businesses or those who want to run an online store, Prestashop as a sales website building platform allows you to build a store from scratch.

last word

Now you have learned what to do before, during and after you know how to create a sales website. Plan carefully, choose the right platform for your project, and invest in promoting your online store. Now, the most important thing is to start by defining the products, the audience, and the type of website you want. Annie IT Gostar is a professional website design company in the field of website building and SEO, which helps you to design all kinds of websites such as corporate websites, advertisement websites, etc. We are a great team with a long history of creating different websites and we know ways to make your website perform well in Google search.

We turn your ideas into a website to achieve your desired visual outcome. Ani IT Gostar professionals stand out from the competition by designing superior and beautiful websites.

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