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Today, every person in his profession knows that one of the ways to present his business to the whole world is to go online. First of all, you need to have your own website where you can present your profession, produce products and publish educational materials. In fact, this site is the most important step that will lead you to the perfect success faster. But, unfortunately, most people do not go to sites, but prefer to follow useful content through social networks, because they will easily access these networks through their phones, but opening a site on a mobile phone is possible. It takes a long time and as a result, it discourages them from visiting. Therefore, you should take the second step by entering social networks.

The importance of managing social networks

The arrival of Corona to the whole world has proven that to business owners that they cannot stay away from the virtual world because a large part of the increase in sales is devoted to attracting customers through this virtual space. You should go to different social networks and submit your activities as soon as possible. This practice has several major advantages:

    You share your most important site information on social networks such as Telegram, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., and users can easily access it. The readability of these materials will encourage them to learn about your activities.

    When providing content to users via social networks, a link to the content will be included at the end of the message. Therefore, after reading part of the article, people are interested in reading the rest of the article, and as a result, they enter your page through the link. Indeed, through social networks, you will increase the traffic to your site.

    Increasing activity in social networks in an efficient and effective way, by increasing site visits, will improve your site’s ranking and as a result, it will be among the top three links in Google. This means that searching for content on Google will increase the chances of your site being seen.

The role of Facebook in improving the site

First of all, we need to mention something to you. You can rank high in Google and keep that position when you use Google’s legal SEO methods. The illegal methods, known as Black SEO, are temporarily effective and soon Google will identify you as a violator.

Facebook is one of the oldest social networks, and due to its progress and the presence of the majority of users in this social network and its universality in the whole world, it is necessary to start your activity in it and introduce your products and your profession. Of course, some people claim that being on Facebook doesn’t have much effect on a site’s ranking because its links are nofollow. But you need to keep in mind some very important issues:

    One of Google’s factors for ranking your site is your presence in social networks. Therefore, it is true that Facebook links are not very effective, but in any case, you are active in this social network, and this makes Google consider it a very high degree for you. However, being on an old social network would be very valuable.

    How much content is shared between different users on Facebook is another factor that Google considers in ranking your site. Therefore, post the content on Facebook in a way that it can be shared and provide a basis for discussion among users and they can talk about that content.

LinkedIn social network site optimization

The second social network that we suggest you go to to present your work is LinkedIn. Although in all social networks you can engage in any type of activity, including publicizing your profession, presenting products, publishing educational materials, etc., but each of them focuses more on a part of the activities. For example, if you want to start an e-commerce business, make sure you have a presence on LinkedIn. To be successful in this social network, you need to consider a few important points:

    Your profile will be the most important part of presenting your business and activities. List all the necessary information in the profile so that users can get to know you well by reading it.

    Make sure to choose a high-quality image appropriate to your profession for your page. At first glance, this picture will tell you a lot about your job.

    As you know, the chances of your site appearing increase when you include Google approved keywords. In the case of LinkedIn, you should use Google keywords in the job introduction section to increase your page’s chances of exposure.

Telegram’s role in website SEO

We can safely say that the most important social network for introducing any kind of business is Telegram, because today most people have this program on their ears. Therefore, we have seen many site managers who have hired people to manage their Telegram network in order to focus well on this part. The main advantages of Telegram are:

  •     Create advertising and educational channels
  •     Easy and fast communication with every user
  •     The possibility of communication between customers through the group
  •     Online admission and sales
  •     The ability to control channels and groups at any time

Role of Instagram in SEO

In these past few years, Instagram has also managed to get a good position among people. This social network makes it possible not only to present your business to the whole world, but also to be able to find customers yourself and follow their pages. On the other hand, the variety of ads on Instagram is high, and with a little bit of time management, you can increase your site’s ranking.

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